Dante’s Divine Comedy Depicts The Poet’s Mythical Journey Through

Chapter 9 and 10 quiz questions

The french Parlement never attained the importance of Parliament in England becauseThe french nobility, unlike the English nobility, was exempt from taxation
The last emperor who effectively ruled all the disparate pieces of the Holy Roman Emperor wasFrederick II
Alfonso II of Aragon ensured his control over his kingdom byDocumenting property transactions
The Venetians wanted revenge against Byzantium in the late twelfth century becauseSome citizens of Constantinople had massacred Venetian merchants who lived in the city.
The person most responsible for increasing in devotion to the Eucharist and the Virgin mary in the twelfth century wasBernard of Clarivaux
The growth of schools in the twelfth-century Europe can be attributed primarily to thegeneral economic revival in Europe
Anselm argued thatHuman ideas of goodness had been instilled by God, a being about which nothing greater can be conceived
Students who attended medieval universitiesgenerally drank to excess, gambled, fought, and were generally rowdy
The political power of some queens of the high middle ages in Europe is reflected in thePower of the queen in the game of chess.
Between 1000 and 1250 Europetook on many characteristics that define the modern West
In the early twelfth century, Genghis Kan quickly built up a large military force byincorporating the warriors of defeated tribes into his own army
For Europeans, the most important consequence of the Mongol conquests wasthe commercial links its established between Europe and the Far East along the Silk Road
The first European colonies established outside of Europe geographically were in theAtlantic Ocean
The thirteenth Century had witnessed the development of the Philosophical belief that the secular and spiritual worlds were rational, organized, and comprehensible to human beings. In the fourteenth century, William of Ockhamdenied that human reasons could prove fundamental theological truths
Dante’s Divine Comedy depicts the poet’s mythical journey throughhell, purgatory, and heaven
Kink Philip IV of France’s ability to move Pope Clement V’s court to Avignon demonstrates thegulf between the theoretical and actual power of the papacy
The medieval doctrine of transubstantiation taught thatthe Eurcharist became the body and blood of the Christ during Mass
Although Louis IX’s attempts at crusading were failures, they cemented his reputation as aprotector of the Church
In the fourteenth century, Edward III argued that he was the legitimate heir of France based on a closer relationship to Philip IV of france than that of the new Valois King becauseHis mother was Philip IV’s daughter
The black death probably eliminated almost percent of Europe’s population50