Hesi Case Study Osteoporosis

Case Study on Osteoporosis

Hydroxypatitebone is a living tissue made of a protein matrix of collagen that becomes impregnated with this mineral complex- Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, serves as a reservoir for calcium when blood calcium levels decrease, serves as an alkaline source when blood pH shifts toward an acidic state
Osteoblastscontinually being renewed and restructured by the action of two cell types, build up the bone
Osteoclastscontinually being renewed and restructured by the action of two cell types, break down the bone
Osteoporosisdisease of the bones that is characterized by decreased bone mineral density (BMD)
often develop an abnormal rounding of the upper spine known as a “dowager’s hump”, are at high risk for bone fracture
Pharmaceutical researcherdevelop drugs to stop the osteoclasts, enhance the osteoblasts, enhance ability of hydroxyapatite to bind to the collagen
Naturopathic physicianencourage an alkalizing diet to prevent further bone loss, supplement with vitamin D and/or calcium, encourage weight bearing, provide “drug mugger” nutrients for those on medication, stop drugs and supplement with strontium, vitamin K-2 M7, fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium, + calcium-rich diet and exercise
How could drug companies and naturopaths work together?drug companies could make quality supplements
naturopaths can provide supplements to prevent side effects of drugs and natural methods to complement drug action