How Many Major Ideas Should Be Present On Each Presentation Aid

CAS final exam

Because every trustworthy source may not be appropriate for every audience, a(n) ___n______ should play a role in your choice of sources.audience analysis
__n_____ outlines generally contain points stated in complete sentences.working
An ethical speaker is conscious of …the speaker’s and the audience’s
Ethical speaking contributes something positive to public discourse.true
Nancy was practicing her speech when she became overwhelmed with anxiety. She decided to simply allow herself to be anxious for a few minutes, then decided it was time to be confident about all the work she had done and resume her rehearsal. Nancy was using the anxiety-management strategy known asanxiety stop-time technique
Tools a speaker can use to analyze an audience include all of the following exceptpublished sources
All communication events includea source and a message
The contemporary term for any one of a variety of places used for discussing issues of public interest is a public forum.true
Which type of reference work summarizes knowledge that is found in original form elsewhere?encyclopedia
A thesis statement is a sentence that concisely communicates what the speech is about.true
Brainstorming is a topic-generating technique done either through word association or topic mapping.true
____n_____ is the process of interpreting a messagedecoding
Benefits of public speaking do not include:improving hand-eye coordination
Active listening isfocused and purposeful
An audience-centered approach meansyou consider your audience in every phase of the speech preparation process
If a source used in a speech requires credit in written form, it alsoneeds to be quoted directly
A listening distraction is anything that competes for the attention you are trying to give to something elsetrue
Anne chose to give a speech to her classmates about categories of computer games. The general purpose of Anne’s speech wasto inform
Occupational interests are tied to politics, the economy, education, and social reformtrue
An example of an idiom would bethe phrase “King of the hill”
Developing public speaking skills discouragesfalse
When evaluating evidence, the listener should determine if the sources of the evidence are credible.true
Locating a blog relevant to your topic can be done using a blog-specific search engine.true
feeling different when delivering a speechmakes speaker believe no one is interested in what he or she to stay
There are two general speech purposes: to inform and to persuade.true
A speaker’s incorruptibility is called ____n______integrity
Anything influencing the speaker, audience, occasion, or speech is called the speechcontext
Paying attention to certain messages and ignoring others is called ____n_____.(two words)selective perception
In stress-control breathing, more movement is felt in the back of the throat than in the chest.true
The _________ speech purpose answers the question, “What is my objective in speaking on this topic to this audience on this occasion?”general
The onset of nervousness that occurs during the rehearsal of a speech is called ____n_____ anxiety.pre-performance
____n_____, ____n_____, and ____n_____ reflect the mental states that reveal a great deal about the audience’s general evaluations, perception of reality, and their judgments about right and wrong.Attitudes, beliefs, values
The first step in the speechmaking process is ________ analysis; the last step is to practice ________ the speechaudience; delivering
All trustworthy sources are appropriate for every audiencetrue
The greek word ethos means charactertrue
A subject directoryis a searchable catalog of Web sites assigned categories by a human editor.
Selecting a topic is the ___n_____ step in preparing a speechsecond
Cherry-picking is one way to present statistics ethicallyfalse
Maintaining a(n) ____n_____ approach to all phases of the speech preparation process will help you prepare a presentation that is meaningful to your audience.honest
A regularly published magazine or journal is called a periodical.true
Using a narrative pattern of arrangement involves conveying ideas through a story using character, plot, and settings.true
____n_____ points represent the supporting material or evidence that a speaker has gathered.supporting
For a successful delivery, practicing a speech is not necessary.false
Phrase outlines or key-word outlines are recommended over sentence outlines in the delivery of most speechestrue
The summary portion of the speech conclusion should nottell the audience what you’ve already told them
All of the following are examples of transition techniques exceptthesis statements
To have the freedom to move points around according to the way the speaker wishes to present his or her topic, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?topical
Which of the following outlines is used for organizing and firming up main points?working
____n_____ language is specific, tangible, and definite.concrete
The introduction of a speech tells listeners where they are going.true
The outline used to practice and present the speech is the speaking or ___n_____
Generally, the introduction should be brief and no more than ________ percent of the speech body.10 to 15
Chronological arrangements give the speaker the greatest freedom to structure main points according to the way he or she wishes to present the topic.false
The introduction should be the first part of the speech you prepare.false
The conclusion of the speech shouldrestate the purpose
Forms of expression that make striking comparisons between the unfamiliar and the known, allowing listeners to more quickly grasp meaning, are calledsentence fragments
To describe a series of developments in time or a set of actions that occur sequentially, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?chronological
_________ points in an outline are of roughly equal importance and weight in the speech.coordinate
With sufficient practice, which of the following outlines will help the speaker deliver his or her ideas more naturally?working
“What would you do if you found you couldn’t make this month’s credit card bill?” could function in a speech asa rhetorical question to open a speech
An effectively prepared working outline willbegin with a speaking outline
Previewing the speech in the introductiontells the audience the order in which the main points will be addressed
Putting main points in parallel form means casting your main points in similar grammatical form and style.true
The ____n_____ pattern describes the physical arrangement of a place, object, or event.spatial
When developing a speech, a speaker should create two separate outlines: a working outline and a delivery or speaking outline.true
To explain the physical arrangement of a place, an object, or an event, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?spatial
Creating a feeling of ____n_____ helps overcome the divisions that can make the speaker seem different to the audience.identification, common ground
The connotative meaning is the literal, or dictionary, definition of a word.false
A speaker’s use or misuse of language has a significant effect on the level of credibility he or she establishes with the audience.true
Introductions that include references to the speech occasion and the audience tend to bore audience members and alienate them from the presentation.False
Which of the following outlines should be prepared in a full-sentence format?working
A challenge in the conclusion of a persuasive speech usually comes as a(n)call to action
The ____n_____ pattern of arrangement consists of a story or a series of short stories, complete with character, settings, plot, and vivid imagery.narrative
A speech exhibits ____n_____ when it contains only those points that are implied by the purpose and thesis statements.unity
“His character plays a rocking, rolling, rip-roaring, raging role.” This statement best illustrates which of the following techniques?simile
You should try to use fewer rather than more words to express your thoughtstrue
To discuss a topic in terms of its underlying causes, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?topical
When people disagree about the meaning of a word, they are usually responding to the word’sconnotative meaning
Main points express the key ideas and major themes of the speechTrue
Which of the following outlines uses partial construction of the sentence form of each point?phrase
Which view in PowerPoint is meant to be used during projection to an audience?slide-show view
Pitch is the relative loudness of a speaker’s voice while delivering a speechfalse
Audience members have only a few moments to view an aid, so present ____n_____ major idea(s) per
_________ contain(s) elements that you want to appear on every slide, such as a logo, an image, or a line of text.Slide master
Slide-show view allows you to edit the slides and add notesfalse
When using audio or video as a presentation aid, the speaker should be sure to do all of the following excepttell the audience what they will hear or see beforehand and disucss its significance afterward.
Practice using your ____n_____ notesspeaking (notes)
The word ____n_____ refers to a specific style of lettering.typeface
The clarity or forcefulness with which word sounds are made is known asarticulation
A(n ____n_____ is a three-dimensional, scale-size representation of an object.model
A speaker who successfully uses eye contact to connect with the audiencepauses to gaze at one person long enough to complete one thought.
A(n) _________ is a particular way of speaking associated with a specific social group or region.dialect
Successful speech delivery can most often be achieved by focusing on the delivery itself rather than on the ideas you want to convey.false
Pitch isthe range of sounds a speaker’s voice produces, from high to low
In the ____n_____ slide layout, users customize every aspect of the presentation.blank
Most public speeches are given using ____n_____ delivery.extemporaneous
The best place to begin planning slides is with the ____n_____speaking outline
Which type of graph is useful for demonstrating how something changes in value?line graph
Which of the following PowerPoint options offers help in creating your slide show by offering predesigned templates?Design Tab
When rehearsing a speech, the speaker should try to simulate the actual speech setting but should not practice in front of people.false
The first thing an audience notices about a speaker approaching the speaking position is his or herclothing
Small amounts of text, such as headings, are best viewed in which typeface?sans serif
Animation effects are also referred to as _________builds
When using slides, speakers should talk to the audience, not to the screen.true
If a speaker tends to mumble, he or she should practice speaking louder and with emphatic pronunciation.True
A table (tabular chart) systematically groups data in column formtrue
The “multimedia effect” suggests that we learn better from pictures and words than from words alone.true
Presentation software packages offer public speakers powerful tools for creating and displaying professionally polished visual aids.true
Speaking from a manuscript is considered best for brief speeches, such as toasts and introductions.false
How many major ideas should be present on each presentation aid?one
To be effective, a speaker should practice a speech at least _________ times in its final formfive
Speaking from ____n_____ is most useful when the speaker is required to be very precise in his or her message.manuscript
Smiling naturally is an effective way for a speaker to build rapport with an audience.true
When used with care, presentation aids can do all of the following exceptsubstitute for substantial ideas
____n_____ is the relative loudness of a speaker’s voice while giving a speech.volume
When speaking from a manuscriptlook up occasionally to establish eye contact with the audience
Plenty of white space, or “visual breathing room,” should be allowed on visuals for viewers.true
A speaker can feel confident that his or her delivery has a relaxed, natural quality ifthe message is presented with cheerfulness
For type and graphics, you should use colors that contrast with the background.True
When creating a pie graph, the number of pie slices should be restricted to
Presentational speakers tend to be seen as experts on the topic, but would more properly be a seen as “first among equals”true
Which pattern demonstrates how the speaker’s points are more favorable than alternative positions?comparative advantage
Audience analysis is not an important tool by which the speaker can discover what the audience already knows about the topic.False
Revealing the ____n_____, a little-known story revealing what led up to an event, can spark interest about an event familiar to the audience.backstory
A target audience’s attitudes should not affect the arrangement of the persuasive speech.false
An effective audience analysis requires that the speaker considerthe interests and needs of the audience
In the motivated sequence pattern, the ____n_____ step identifies the solution.satisfaction
A team leader’s responsibilities typically includecoordinating selection of roles and tasks.
In a group setting, a “blocker” is an example of a(n)anti-group role
When you present an after-dinner speech, you ought to recognize the occasion and connect it to the speech.True
Managers and other employees depend on _________ to keep them informed on new tasks or project developments. (two wordsstaff reports
Directly asking members to contribute, setting a positive tone, and using dialectical inquiry are three techniques that group leaders can use to encourageparticipation
For a smooth presentation, working out the ____n_____ between speakers is a good ideatransitions
All of the following are ways to define a topic exceptby showing visuals of it.
Anti-group roles individuals may play in a group include “blocker” and “floor hogger.”true
In business courses, a case study presentationdiscusses the best solutions to the case.
Speeches about _________ might discuss digital cameras, snowshoes, or El Niño.objects or phenomena
_________ presentations connect the presenter and audience live.real-time
As in any presentation, planning a Webinar starts with considering the audience’s needs and wants.true
In a speech of ____n_____, the recipient expresses gratitude for the honor bestowed on him or her and acknowledges others who have contributed to his or her success.acceptance
Even in a classroom setting, team presenters should perform an audience analysis.true
Typically, suitable organizational patterns for sales presentations include any of the following exceptspatial
A speech of introduction shouldidentify the speaker’s title correctly
Once you have prepared your presentation well, you should be able to record it in only one take.false
An excellent means of appealing to buyer psychology can be achieved through the use of the ____n_____.(two wordsmotivated sequence
President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, in which he challenged Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” is an example of aSpeech of inspiration
In the refutation pattern of arrangement, each main point addresses and then disproves an opposing claim.true
A podcast that contains video is called avodcast
With a panel discussion, a chairperson or ____n_____ directs the discussion.moderator
A _________ typically provides information so that an organization can make a decision about a product, procedure, or policy.sales pitch
To deal with hostile audiences,address opposing views
In a case study presentation, you should begin by giving an overview of the major issues involved in the case.true
John Dewey’s six-step process can encourage group members to “think reflectively” about their task.true
Establish an agreed-upon set of ___n______ to indicate when a speaker is speaking too loud or soft, too slow or fasthand signals
You can define something by describing what it is not or by comparing it to something synonymous.true
____n_____ leaders make decisions and then announce them to the group.autocratic
Many successful inspirational speakers use acronyms to help the audience remember the messagetrue
The ____n_____ pattern is effective when the audience is already aware of an issue or problem.comparative advantage
The person with the weakest presentation style and least credibility should deliver the opening portion of the presentationfalse
With online presentations, in place of body movement, ____n_____ alternations in volume, pitch, and speaking rate must hold audience members’ interest.vocal variety