How To Write A Reaction Paper

“You can make anything by writing” (c.) C. S. Lewis

In the contemporary life, it’s very important to look at many things censoriously. These things are books, films, essays, performances, and all the contemporary art.

A reaction paper is an analysis of the text and a very popular academic assignment because it requires deep reading, researching the text, and providing it with the evaluation.

I’d like to begin with the purpose of this academic paper. In the response paper, the author should write what they think or feel about the text. When it comes to the reaction paper, you should pay your attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the text. Also, you should analyze how well the text archives its own purpose and which literary methods the writer uses for this. But you should remember that reaction paper is not just expression of your opinion without any arguments. This is a deep analysis supported by arguments. To write this paper, you need to learn the text in detail and analyze it from different sides; your main task is to elaborate, evaluate, and analyze the author’s purpose. When you are writing this paper, you can use the first-person “I”.

Several tips on how to write reaction paper:

  • When you are writing a reaction paper, you should provide your own concepts with prooves from the text, that you are analyzing and connect your own ideas, thoughts, and concepts with the thoughts of the author. If you need to agree or disagree, you should explain to the reader your position and provide it with convincing arguments.
  • If you are writing an academic paper about several texts, you should find a connection between all these texts and find an explanation to this. If responding to one text, it should contain the only description of the one text and connection with the concepts you have discussed in the class.
  • You can get also the same assignment according to the film, musical piece, performance, trip, visit the museum or another interesting place, or even discussion at the previous lesson.
  • You should understand that a reaction paper is not just a conclusion of the text. This is a separate integral paper being written by the rules.
  • A reaction paper consists of three main components including an introduction, body paragraph, and the conclusion. All these parts should be united into the one whole text providing the reader with interesting concepts and arguments supporting your concepts.

How to start a reaction paper?

A reaction paper starts from the introduction as any other paper that needs to include the name of the text, the author, and the focus of the paper. Also, you can provide a reader with a year of the publication and the publication. Also, you can describe a topic of the text, and add your purpose.


But before writing the introduction, you should read a text thoughtfully for several times and then you can start freewriting. This is a way to write all your ideas and evaluations according to the topic, ideas of the text; you can agree or disagree with the opinion of the author. And then you should ask yourself why you think so and write down your thoughts in detail. Freewriting is a great way to start formulating your main thoughts. After you have written all the main thoughts, you should overview all the paper and choose from all the thoughts the strongest and the most convincing ideas. One of them can be used as the main thesis statement that you will need to write in the introduction. After you have written all the main concepts you can draft arrows from the main concepts and write down the arguments.

Decide on your angle

After freewriting, you should decide on your angle that is very important to do before writing. This paper should be critical and include some evaluation of the text. From the other side, you should write the summery of that you have read. You should think about the reason why the author has decided to write this essay, article or novel. Also, you need to think about why the author has decided to structure his thoughts in such a way. Also, you should determine, how this text is connected to other texts of the author and literature in whole.

Writing the thesis statement

After freewriting and deciding on your angle, you should formulate the main thesis statement. This is the main thought or concept you should provide to the reader. This is the basis of the whole paper. It consists of one sentence that you need to support in the body component. You should explain why that you are writing about is interesting and important. You should unite all your opinions, thoughts, evaluations, and observations into one claim. And, this will be your thesis. A thesis is a statement what you are going to analyze and criticize. It makes analysis more focused.

How to write body paragraphs?

Each body paragraph needs to support the main thesis. In each body paragraph, you should react to different parts of the text you are analyzing. To write successful body paragraphs, you just need to organize your concepts and reactions into topics. Everybody paragraph can cover one topic. For instance, if you reacting on the topic, you can describe how the topic is covering in the text, which literary techniques and figurative imagery the author uses for this.

When you have organized your ideas into the paragraphs, you need to support every argument with quotations making your paper really convincing. Everybody paragraph should start with a topic sentence. Then you can write the author’s thought and follow it with your reaction on it and argument. Also, you can start a paragraph from the author’s words and argue with them. When you are structuring a body paragraph, you can focus on its main components including a topic sentence, quotation, commentary or evaluation, and a thesis statement or a little consumption of this paragraph.

How to write a conclusion?

A conclusion should be brief and includes the summery of all the body paragraphs. It should include the thesis statement and main concepts you have described in the body paragraphs making your analysis complicated. In this part, you can also refer to the target audience and impact the society. You should also write a list of citations with brief but structured information about sources.

Reaction Paper on “3 Idiots” Movie

The movie 3 idiots is a Hindi movie released in 2009. The director of the film is Rajkumar Hirani and the producer is Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Today, the film is considered to be the most successful Bollywood movie and is viewed by critics as one of the best foreign films. It has won a lot of movie awards at home and in other countries.

Watching this film, people can view how three students study at the Imperial College of Engineering. This film is about ups and downs of these students after they have gotten spunk up college dean, Professor Viru “Virus” Sahastrabudhhe, and his model student, Chatur “The Silencer” Ramalingam. The most important concepts covered in this movie are hope, family, and the pursuit of happiness.

Viewers can get several life lessons from watching this film the most important of which is the pursuit of happiness through passion. A director and producer of this film wanted to show the danger of living a mediocre life and emphasize the importance of the life and its beauty. These are main tree lessons that creators wanted to provide to the audience.

The first lesson is the pursuit of success through passion. The movie highlights the importance of the mental improvement of the man and shows where the permanent self-improvement can lead and which results it brings into your life. The philosophical thought of this lesson lies in that the life shouldn’t be the pursuit of happiness and success, this is a long trip where we must improve our best features and fight against our weaknesses.

The movie also reflects all the beauty of the life and shows how invaluable it is. The movie teaches us to live to the fullest as it’s the last day on the Earth because every life is an invaluable gift to the man. The creators of the film focus on the beauty of the life. Also, the film teaches us to help other people and emphasizes the importance of the help to other people who are surrounding us.

One of the most important concepts of this film is hard work and the danger of living a mediocre life. People must not be afraid to go out of the comfort zone and rescue.

The film doesn’t belong to ordinary films and embodies inspirational, important, and changing our perception lessons, that we can’t find in other films.