How To Write A Research Paper on Stress In Nursing

Stress In Nursing

Topic actuality

The academic writing looks like an easy thing, but the major truth is to write a good research paper you need hours, days and sometimes even months of work. Today we are going to talk about writing a research essay on stress in nursing. Nursing is being underestimated, but there is much stress nurses face communicating, curing and working with the client. The topic is pretty painful and it is not a news that writing an academic essay on stress in the profession of nurse is not that easy too. We have gathered for you some tips and advice to help you deliver the best academic paper. Follow our advices and it will raise your chances to get A or A+

How to start a research paper on this topic

Research is the most important part of any academic essay, no matter you are a high school pupil or you are a student who will graduate in a year. To prepare for research you need to gather all required sources. The more sources you have, the better for you and the easier your research will be. We recommend checking your local library, university or school library, possibly regional e-library to find as many sources as you need. Use academic journals, websites, books, but keep in mind that each source should be presented in your essay following style (APA, MLA or other). Once you have got all the required sources, think about additional sources — for instance, photos, videos or interviews. It will significantly raise your chances to get a good mark for your essay. This is a brief advice on how to start a research paper on stress in nursing.

Introduction example

Before we provide a few sentences of introduction example, you should be aware of three rules to writing a good introduction for your paper. Initially, make a picture in your mind that a person who reads your paper knows nothing about nursing and tension in this profession. You need to show the topic from the top to the bottom. Second, highlight the major problem or problems you’re going to discuss in the essay. Third, smoothly transfer your topic to the body paragraph.

Even today stress in this profession is not a popular topic in medicine, it has to discussed since nurses work with patients who need their adequate help physically and morally. What stands behind tension in these jobs? (Here explain in a few sentences). According to Johnson, more than 50,000 nurses in the USA face stress every day, it happens because of the following reasons. (Count these reasons). Paying attention to this critically important topic will change our lives and level of medicine.

This is just a small piece of introduction you may use in your paper. If you have troubles with an intro, just read one more time our short three-advice-guide to write a good introduction for your stress in the profession of nurse essay.

How to write a body of a research paper on this topic

A body of research paper says for itself. This is the main part of the essay and you have to pay maximum attention here. A body of a research paper is your major chance to deliver major thoughts on the topic to your readers as well as to your professor.

The initial step here is to choose a major line. Research paper implies research itself, but you should understand that you cannot mix several points of view in one paper. It’s better to choose one line showing why stress in nursing is important, what we have to do to solve the problem and where we have to pay maximum attention to simply nurses life, how patients will benefit from those improvements. Keep in mind that a body of a research paper is the major part, it means that if this part is good, your professor will give you A.

Body paragraphs example

As for numerous researches, it is interesting to note that the level of stress in this profession in different states significantly differs. John (2015) claims, that California is in leading states where nurses complain on stress in hospitals. The researcher says that it happens because of. (here you can count some reasons). Moreover, there are many related problems to stress in this field. For instance, (here you can add some related topics which are also relevant).

If you cannot write a body paragraph at once, do not worry. Nobody can write it from the scratch. Make some notes, re-read and edit your body paragraph on stress in this profession until you’re fully satisfied with it.

How to conclude a paper on this topic

The conclusion is essential part of your paper as well. It summarizes all concepts, all thoughts and that is why you have to pay attention to it too. We recommend to take a note and write down everything you want to summarize. Doing this you will clearly see what has to be included in conclusion and what’s better to leave out of all brackets.

Conclusion example

To summarize, stress in nursing have to be studied and taken into attention is important issue since nurses are initial people who work with patients. Their stresses, as well as other mental problems, should be studied in order to help them work in comfort. Today there are many types of research on the topic, they have to be even more detailed to understand all risks and consequences such stress can bring. Moreover, since stress in nursing differs in various countries, one has to pay attention to the problems of a concrete region or state. The more attention researches pay to this problem, the better service nurses will be able to provide to their patients all over the world.

These are just some advices and recommendations we gave you to write a good research paper on stress in nursing. Read them one more time and do not makeup — start writing your paper today to have more time to complete it and get A or A+ mark.