How To Write An Essay On American Dream

American Dream

The essay about the American dream is one of the most interesting and profound topics to write about. Being a very common essay topic among many college students, it is relevant that its definition and how it’s written is explained clearly. Without further ado: what is the American dream? Generally, the American dream is more centered on the better aspect of living among the Americans. It is concentrated on the Americans having an ideal life, success, and prosperity on all walks of life. Actually, you can utilize this concept to start off your essay writing on this topic. However, here is a deeper analysis of how you should outline and compose your “American dream” essay.

How to Start an Essay on “American Dream”

In the introductory paragraph of your essay, you need to include a clear description of the “American dream” topic. Explain how every American citizen has invested their effort and time into this dream and what is anticipated in the future. Ensure you clearly state your thesis, for instance, talking about; self-driven people, citizens’ freedom, the American reputation or change from one economic class to the other. It is highly recommended for you to end your introduction with a brief and more precise statement of what you think this dream is.

Your introduction has to attract the reader to continue reading the entire essay. Readers will get bored if your statements lack supportive details and explanations to support the dream. Moreover, ensure you include interesting historical concepts or evolution facts concerning the American dream to convince and grab the attention of the reader. For instance, you can add a famous and interesting fact of the USSR propaganda during the Cold War.

Introduction Example:

First of all, let us define “the American dream.” This is a concept that would be considered as a perfect life for Americans. The dream is expected to be a moment full of money, happiness, cars and anything else that humankind desire. Despite the fact that people might have different aspirations concerning the American dream, all of their goals are centered on making their lives better than before. The American dream would include allowing more spare time for family members to interact, an opportunity for people to have a lot of money and a better job. Just as other Native Americans, the immigrant (who face a lot of hardship like; inability to speak fluent English, receiving low wages and being discriminated) are also involved in the concept of the “American dream.”

How to Write a Body of an Essay on “American Dream”

In the body section, aim at disclosing all your concept views and specialties like outlining all those who you think accomplished their goal after doing something unique. A paragraph of concepts and opinions would be more powerful if you explained further how the individual realized their potentials better to overpower other people who tried to do the same thing. For instance, Steve Jobs is the founder of one of the most expensive and profitable companies in the world even though he came from a humble family.

Moreover, you can also pick on a specific topic about the citizens in America and explain if there is a possibility of executing the dream or not. For instance, a thesis on hardship in other nations (third world countries) might raise a significant debate on the impossibilities of having a dream come true. When you settle on this topic, remember to include supportive evident why you think the level of hardship in other countries will affect the achievement of the American dream.

Whichever way, ensure you disclose your “American dream” concept clear enough to make the reader distinguish your own views from what is commonly known to everyone. Put more emphasis on what is known by everyone like the general happiness anticipated by the American society.

Body Paragraphs Example:

The American dream is not just about having a better job rank at the workplace or a valued dollar sign, but also having the freedom to walk into your own home or office and feel welcomed by everyone. Most importantly, Americans need to realize that they all have what it takes to make a difference in every citizen’s life. Since the foundation of American to what it is today, it is clear that the American dream has been a motivating factor to the country’s rapid progress.

While focusing on an individual contribution to the development of the country, both the inventor and product consumer are able to benefit because of the American dream. It is also believed that the dream controls the citizens’ destiny to make them successful in whatever they do.  For instance, Andrew Carnegie is known to be one of the American’s greatest philanthropists. He was famous in the industrial age because of what he achieved from the steel and railroad industry after living an impoverished life during his childhood. Due to his “American dream” ambition in mind, he managed to live it after earning millions from his industrial business.

How to Conclude an Essay on “American Dream”

To conclude your essay, you can include a quote or phrase that sends the reader back to the original thesis: “Americans always wish to have their dream come true. Regardless of some people still facing the banalities of life, the dream still revives in them”. Always remember to avoid including a lot of theories or new concepts in the conclusion. Since the American dream is regarded as a “faith” or a “call for commitment” to many, your conclusion should support the standardized agreement to fulfill this dream. Most significantly, ensure you summarize everything you’ve included in your essay.

Conclusion Example:

The “American dream” still exists in the mind of all Americans. Even though the dream is defined differently by many, its common goal is to initiate freedom, liberty, and equality among every American citizen. Change has to come to the community because they all work hard anticipating for better treatment from the public. Americans also attract immigrants, and it is believed that they will also have a better life in the future. Generally, the dream means that every person has a right to use America’s resources to better their lives.