How To Write An Essay On “Bullying”

How To Deal With Bullying

Almost every third student of primary, secondary and especially high school has an experience of being bullied. Students grow up and become adults, but the challenges they have faced once will always accompany them and ruin their life. It does not depend on country, social status and cultural background – there is still an opportunity to become a victim of bullying. Unintentionally people may become instigators of bullying or support it with inaction. The question is how to protect your friends, relatives and, most importantly, yourself. This issue is not new for society, but only for the last decade, it has been under active consideration. For that reason, we have much more information about people who are bullied or do bullying and ways to prevent it.

How To Start

To begin your own study of bullying, think about the angle of discussion you are going to start. It may be indications of bullying, impacts of psychological trauma, ways to prevent badgering. After choosing a topic, decide which information will be the basis of research. Personal experience, medical studies, articles, essays consider being relevant sources. Also, you can use the opportunity of media, there are some TV-shows and books which describe issues of bullying and its consequences. A good topic for writing is dealing with bullying. In the introduction explain, why bullying is the matter of everyone and how it influences people. A thesis statement should contain your proposals to solve possible situations of bullying.


One of the most harmful things for the mental state of a person is a verbal or physical abasement of its dignity. Bullying combines these traits and negatively affects all the participants of the situation. Most of the victims are people with low self-esteem, who have no support from family and friends. Even confident people sometimes cannot protect themselves in the emergency situation and are subjected to violence. The most obvious and effective ways of dealing with bullying are the reduction of stigmatization, psychological assistance, new standards of education, intervention centers.

How To Write Body Paragraphs

Start your main part of research with laconic topic sentences. Arrange body paragraphs in increasing order of importance. It persuades the reader and logically proceeds to conclusion. In a research paper about bullying body paragraphs might contain personal examples and advises. Remember about paragraph’s balance: all points, highlighted in a thesis statement, should be discussed equally. Depending on point, use various sources of information, which fit the best.


Stigmatization is one of the first sources of violence and bullying. The reasons to start bullying are simple: skin color, different clothes, unusual appearance, non-traditional figure. Almost all bullying issues are somehow connected with appearance. People are not used to a variety of shapes and colors and dramatically perceive all unintelligible to them. Media often support stigmatization: in all spheres of promotion we see very limited standards, which later shift to private life. The way to reduce this stigmatization is the representation of different people, which exist in our society. Tolerance and adoption are not one-day projects – it is long work for all life.

The important part of normal personality development is psychological assistance. It restricts bullying if is done properly. Assistance means deep involvement in the social life of a person, its environments. Family and friends support the self-esteem of a person and form his or her values in life. We should remember that both victims and initiators of bullying need working with a psychologist, whereas we are mostly concentrated on victims. Studies show that initiators of bullying often have problems with self-representation and involvement in social life, they may unintentionally protect themselves from a non-existent threat. Complex approach and support is helpful for both sides of the situation.

Bullying often starts in school due to established standards of education. The system of education is different across the globe, but the problem is obvious. Teachers are busy with their routine and do not pay attention to the emotional condition of students and consequently ignore bullying. Not in all of the schools, there is a psychologist to whom children can appeal. Schools, which have a supervisor in their staff, significantly reduced cases of bullying and improved the situation. Many issues can be prevented at the stage of beginning if there is a person who is responsible for behavior and mood of the students. Some changes should be made on the governmental level to prevent bullying.

People who suffered any kind of violence usually need to share this – for that reason intervention centers exist. It is much easier to share your experience and ask for help anonymously than go to the school psychologist or teacher. The information about such centers should be distributed widely in case many people experience bullying every day. Everyone can become a listener on some online resources to help the victims and learn the effects of bullying from the inside. Banners, promotion on TV can help people who need help to get informed about possible solutions to their severities.

How To Conclude

In conclusion, give a short summary of your research. Rephrase the introduction and body paragraphs in a shorter way. Remind the reader what is important in bullying issues and how it works globally. You may mention whether the problem is irreconcilable. If there is a perspective to continue research or some ways to prevent bullying exist – say about it. Conclusion expresses your final attitude to the problem, so it must be short and not trivialized.


Problems of bullying are visible for everyone and affect too many people to ignore them. The more people are aware of ways of preventing violence, the more help the victims can get. Media, school psychologists, intervention centers can provide an assistance in solving some issues. Bullying will exist until existing people who are afraid to stand up not only for friends but for strangers. There are many situations, in which except victim and initiator are present a few or many observers. Prejudices and fears hinder personal development and compassion for others. People should not be afraid to share their stories about bullying and its impacts – that is the way to stop it.