How To Write An Essay On My Kitchen

Descriptive Essay about a Place (My Kitchen)

As you write any descriptive essay, it is essential to focus on what you are writing about. In this case, as you write, ensure that you convey your thoughts about your kitchen. The main aim of your essay will be to give the reader a detailed picture of the place. To be able to do this effectively, you should show your audience through describing a carefully structured image of what you want them to visualize about your kitchen. While developing the paper, begin by writing from a general perspective as you narrow down to specific details. Start by laying down the main ideas of the essay as you expand on them in the continuing paragraphs.

Table of contents:

Topic Actuality

Every essay has a topic, and when you choose this topic, keep in mind that it should be relevant. A good topic should make sense to your reader. You should also choose a topic that you are interested in. For instance, when you choose to write about your kitchen, you should have strong feelings about it. This will make it easy to paint a picture. The topic of your choice should have several interesting qualities that give you several options of what to talk about. For instance, you can choose a topic like “my dream kitchen” which will give you a wide room for imagination. Selecting a good title can be tricky, however. Keep it catchy to draw the attention of the readers and keep them interested to read the paper.

How to Start an Essay on “My Kitchen”

Preparation is the first step of the writing process once you have settled on the title you will be focused on. Begin by creating an outline for the essay. Outline what you will discuss in each paragraph of the three sections: introduction, body, and the conclusion. In an attempt to structure your paper, list the main point of view as you move down to the fine details. It is important to invest in coming up with the perfect introduction since this part will set the scene for your entire essay. Give the introduction a strong opening that intrigues the audience. Use sensory details to describe your topic. The introductory part also includes the thesis statement. The statement is intended to set out the direction of your essay by stating its main purpose.

Introduction Example:

In the ‘my dream kitchen’ essay, you can begin your essay like this, ‘My dream kitchen will be modern and white. Whenever I visualize it, I see a white, wide kitchen with a lot of space. It will have a tile floor well polished that one could see their reflection. The cabinets will be fitted a way that compliments the white counters. I wish that my dream kitchen would have a fridge with a massive door made of stainless steel. I want my kitchen to be spacious and airy that I could lose myself as I walk into it.’

How to Write a Body of an Essay on “My Kitchen”

The body of your essay is divided into sections. Each section should have an idea which you intend to describe in the paragraph. As you transition from one paragraph to the other keep in mind to show the reader your thoughts rather than only mentioning them. Choose one tense that you will stick by throughout the essay. Include similes, metaphors, and adjectives to improve on your description. Descriptive essays are about showing not telling, therefore, use the senses to show. Determine the sights, sounds, and textures that will help you come up with a description for your kitchen. As you write your paragraphs, express your emotions about the subject. Showing the readers how you feel about your dream kitchen involves them in your essay. When writing a descriptive essay, use words that bring out emotion. Identify the details that will ensure vivid impression to the readers by giving them a glimpse at your perspective. Use the first person when expressing how you feel.

Body Paragraphs Example:

My dream kitchen will be not only modern but also very industrial. Anyone coming into the kitchen will be compelled by the sleek appliances comfortably sitting at the counters. The wide glass windows on the sides will go down to the floor allowing the room to fill with light every morning. I would like these windows to face a small garden with sprouting flowers of different colors. At the far end of the corner, I will place a white oven that matches the white kitchen theme.

On the top cabinets, I will arrange the spices according to their cultural area. Indian cooking spices will be separate from Italian cooking spices. All the jars and containers will be carefully laid out in terms of size starting from the largest to the smallest. The interiors of my cabinets will be designed to slide out. I love a large space to work in, so on the sides of the sink, there will be a stretching workspace wide enough to knead and roll out bread rolls which I like making.

How to Conclude an Essay on “My Kitchen”

The conclusion paragraph summarizes the essay. You can write the conclusion by restating the thesis. Explain to the readers the purpose of writing this specific essay and not any other. Go into the details of the key elements of your topic. Even as you finish up the conclusion, stick to developing a hook that reinforces our thesis and leaves your readers impressed. To see to it that your conclusion is kept memorable, it should be well written. A good conclusion should be written to intrigue the reader and leave them with a lasting effect.

Conclusion Example:

Whenever I see the word kitchen, all I see is white floors and big windows with lots of sunlight. The thought of inbuilt marble countertops is one I would die for. A kitchen is a place I believe makes a home, and investing all the time and money one can afford is worth it. My kitchen does not have to be very formal, but something pleasant that I can enjoy whenever I am cooking meals for my family.