Money Is The Root Of All Evil (Essay Sample)

Money Is The Root Of All Evil

The world in his today’s existence positions the money in the top of goods’ hierarchy. It cames because it is the payment for all things which are necessary for life. But with the progress of society needs, there are much more things, which people find essential and useful for them. The initial needs like food and sleep are now could not be satisfied simply – we all need comfort and ability to eat delicious dishes. It is the first stage, where we become addicted to money. The second one is connected to those who could not afford even a little place to live and a small meal, the ones who do not have the money to exist. The last one is the envy for those who have more money and goods than you. These factors get us to the point that money is the root cause of all unhappiness.

The excesses is the right direction to unhealthy life. And it applies to any living area – from the consuming of food to the amount you can spend on the entertainment. The more we live on the planet, the more exclusive and expensive kinds of relaxation appear. It is not enough for people to read a book at home, they want to read it on the seacoast, and it is not bad until it becomes too much and they spend millions to buy a house and eat mollusks on every meal. And usually, people who get more and more money, stop paying attention to others thoughts and feelings and think that they are the hubs of the universe. It creates the lack of understanding and results in massive conflicts.

The same as the excesses, the lack of something is dangerous for the normal living. In the situation when the person could not eat food because she/he cannot pay for that, this person becomes angry and are ready to commit crimes. It can be a little robbery of the bag, but it also can be a murder of someone who has more life possibilities than you. Such things should not be present in the modern world, but they are, and one more time it comes from your payment ability. It is okay to want to live with comfort, but if you can’t, it does not give you a right to offend and humiliate others.

When you are living in the society, you also could not shift the comparison to the side. And it does not matter what you are comparing: appearance, mind, parents, luckiness. One of the scariest contrasts is the amount of money you have and somebody else. Especially, it is a problem among young personalities, who spend lots of time scrolling the web pages, and see how other people live – does not matter it is more expensive or very cheap, they start discussing that with their friends or alone in their minds. And usually the thoughts, which they have are crazy and lots of rudeness are coming. And the reason for this problem is only the difference in wealth.

Concluding, these three stages do not prove that the money is the root of all problems, but it shows that if people are not controlling themselves, they turn into greedy and evil beings, who want to get as much as possible (even if they do not need it) and will not look at any obstacles on their way.


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