Most Professionals Now Agree That The Intelligence Of People With Blindness

Ch. 12 (Exam 3)

the least prevalent disability.As a disability of children, blindness is
visual acuity and field of visionThe legal definition of blindness involves assessment of
The method of reading instructionThe educational definition of blindness and low vision stresses
.04%What percentage of school-aged children does the federal government classify as visually impaired?
adulthoodBlindness occurs most often in
functional vision assessmentJanice is described as being able to detect some objects in the environment when they are fully lit. This is an example of a skill a teacher might note when performing a
Hyperopia (farsightedness.)Clara has good vision for assignments written on the blackboard, but she has difficulty with the print in her textbook. She may have a refraction problem known as
optic nerve hypoplasia.A condition that involves an underdevelopment of part of the eye and is often associated with other neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, is
those without sight need to take much more initiative to learn what they can from their environmentAn important difference between individuals with and without sight is that
are not impaired in language functioning and might even be more motivated than sighted children to use language.In comparison to sighted children, children who are blind
can’t be compared directly to that of people with sight.Most professionals now agree that the intelligence of people with blindness
Adults should directly encourage infants and toddlers with vision problems to explore their environment, as they are less likely than their sighted peers to do so on their own.Which of the following statements about the conceptual abilities of children with visual impairment is true?
learn to make better use of the sensations they experience.People who are blind
lack of exposure to braille or low expectations.Many authorities believe that lower achievement scores of students who are blind or who have low vision is most likely due to
society’s reaction to people who are blind.Social adjustment problems for children with visual impairment are most likely the result of
Stereotypic behaviorRepetitive movements such as rocking, rubbing the eyes, and grimacing displayed by some people who are blind are known as
quadrangular cell containing one to six dots.The basic unit of braille is a
ensure that teachers of students with visual impairment are proficient in braille.The National Federation of the Blind has had braille bills passed to
listen to recorded texts at a faster rate.Use of compressed speech enables students with blindness to
discouraging keyboard instruction until the student has reached a 5th grade proficiency level in reading braille.Research on braille leads to all the following recommendations EXCEPT
let the person take your arm and walk slightly behind you.When guiding a person who is blind, you should
mobility skillsProfessionals who work in early intervention programs for infants who are blind often recommend that initial efforts focus on
cognitive deficits.Impediments to independent living and feeling comfortable in society for people who are blind or who have low vision include all of the following EXCEPT
more time offEach of the following is an accommodation that can be made on the job for those who are blind or who have low vision EXCEPT
Itinerant teacher services to a general education classroom is the most popular placement for students with visual impairments.