The Abbreviation Bus Refers To Which Type Of Tissue In The Female Reproductive System

Ch. 13 Female Reproductive Test

Uterine decensus is also known as uterineprolapse
A neonate born at _________ weeks would be considered a term newborn40
Cryosurgery would be an option to remove __________ lesions identified on colposcopycervical
What is a surgical incision into the posterior edge the vagina to prevent the tissue form tearing during delivery of the baby?episiotomy
A cesarean section would be performed for:placenta previa
What test is done to determine if the uterine tubes are open and unobstructed?hysterosalpingography
The opening of the cervical canal is called the cervical:os
How could a women know that she was ovulating?has a rise of body temperature
A myomectomy is done to remove:uterine fibroid tumors
HRT is treatment for:replacement of hormones during menopause
Leukorrhea is a sign of a possible yeast infection that is known as:candidiasis
When a pregnant women develops preeclampsia, she shows:increased blood pressure, fluid retention, protein in the urine
A pregnant women with___________is more likely to carry a fetus that is large for it’s gestational age.diabetes mellitus
The abbreviation BUS refers to what type of tissue in the female reproductive system?glandular
Peau d’orange is a sign of possible breast cancer and appears as a:dimpling of the skin of the breast
PID is:an infection of the internal female reproductive organs
What type of breast cancerBRCA 1
What drug is used to induce labor?Pitocin
Braxton Hicks refers to:false labor pains
When surfactant is NOT reached a normal level, the newborn has problems:breathing
The first stool of the newborn is a greenish-black waste called:mecoonium
During delivery, when the fetal scalp is visible at the vaginal introitus, this is called:vcrowning
After birth, when the women’s uterus gradually shrinks in size, this process is known asinvolution
After four days of development, the zygote is known as aembryo
What is a synonym for the word menopause?climacteric
Galactorrhea means a flow or discharge of:milk
An abnormal placement of the placenta with its edge partially or completely covering the cervical canal is known as:placenta previa
A women wo has given birth many times is called:multiparous
What describes a women who has had 3 spontaneous abortions and 2 live births?G5, P2, Ab3
The abbreviation PMS means:premenstrual syndrome
The first menses is known as:menarche
Inflammation or infection of the oviduct is called:salpingitis
Any type of difficult or abnormal labor and delivery is known as:dystocia
What combining form means vagina?colp/o
What procedure removes the uterine tubes and ovaries?bilateral salpiingo-oophorectomy
The abbreviation TAH_BSO means:total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
A pregnancy test is a blood test performed to detect the presence of the hormone:HCG
What is a system of assessing a newborn’s well-being as calculated at 1-5 minutes after birth?Apgar score
What type of drug treats the symptoms of menopause caused by a decreased level of estradiol?hormone replacement therapy drugs
What surgical procedure involves placing sutures fashioned into a loop around the cervix?cerclage
In this surgical procedure to treat breast cancer, the entire breast is removed, as well as the overlying skin, the nipple, axillary nodes, and the pectoralis major and minor muscles.radical mastectomy
The combining form hyster/o means:uterus
What procedure is done as part of an infertility workup?hysterosalpingography
The products of conception include:the fetus and conception
NOT part of the female external genitaliaovary
During what phase of her 28 day cycle does a women lose blood and endometrial tissue?menstrual phase
What is a cancerous condition?adenocarcinoma of the breast
A pt. w/urinary retention receives a thorough examination by her doctor. What is the most likely cause?cystocele
Discharge of milk from the breasts when the patient is not pregnant or breastfeeding is called:galactorrhea
Oligohydramnios is:decreased volume of amniotic fluid
If a fetus has died in the uterus and is then delivered its Apgar score would be:
A newborn who is not breathing is said to be:apneic
A medical procedure in which a hook is inserted into the cervix to catch and rupture the amniotic sac is called aamniotomy
The most abundant and most biologically active of the female hormones.estradiol
The neonate’s hands and feet are often bluish. This is a temporary condition known as:acrocyanosis
On the superior part of a newborn’s head is a soft spot, is called thefrontanel
Crowning occurs during which stage of labor?second stage
How long is the average menstrual cycle?28 days
Pregnancy begins:at the moment of conception
Fraternal twins occur when:two ova are fertilized
The process of labor and childbirth is known asparturition
The first thick, yellowish fluid produced by the breast after childbirth is called:colostrum
The ovaries are held in place by the:broad ligament
A normal presentation of the fetus at the time of delivery would bevertex
Not a complication of labor and deliveryeffacement