The Area Of The Brain That Is Crucial In Expressing And Regulating Emotions Is The _____.

Child Exam 3- Early Childhood

the body mass index or BMI is the lowest of the life span at age:5 and 6
the most common disease of young children in developed nations isearly tooth decay
Jodee, age 5 insists on having all of the different foods on her plate separated. If the vegetables touch the meat for example, she insists on a clean plate. Jodee’s parents are concerned. What advice would you give?Allow Jodee to grow out of this “just right” obsession
the process through which axons become coated with a fatty substance that speeds up the transmission of nerve impulses is calledmyelination
Kayla is 4 years old and has recently begun coordinating the two sides of her body more efficiently. this development may be attributed togrowth of the corpus callosum
on a cross-country car trip, Anna and Robert asked “are we there yet?” so many times that their mother began covering her ears. The children were exhibiting:perseveration
spotting warning signs of abuse, such as slow weight gain and insecure disorganized attachment is associated with:secondary prevention
gross motor skills such as riding a tricycle are acquired:through a combination of brain maturation and practice
an activity that requires fine motor skills isbuttoning a coat
the most common cause of death of children in early childhood worldwide isviolence
the area of the brain that is crucial in expressing and regulating emotions is thelimbic system
the text refers to research in which the brain scans and hormone measurements were taken from 4-6 yr old children after they were exposed to a fire alarm. Which of the following was one of the conclusions drawn from this research?some levels of stress hormones improve memory
according to statistics regarding substantiated cases of child maltreatment, about 1 out of every _____ children is maltreated each year80
according to the text, which of the following reflects the results of the correlational studies on the rates of obesity in children in NYC in 2004?there was a negative correlation between family income and obesity
in developed nations, which of the following is most likely to be lacking in a child’s diet?calcium, iron, and zinc
the specialization of the functioning of the two halves of the brain is calledlateralization
which is true regarding left-handed people?their corpus callosums tend to be thicker than those in right-handed people
secondary prevention involves:responding to the first warning signs of a problem
which type of injury prevention begins after an injury and is intended to limit the damage caused by the injury?tertiary prevention
what is true regarding fine motor skills?fine motor skills mature about 6 months earlier in girls than in boys
the Piagetian term for a particular type of centration in which the child thinks about the world only from his perspective isegocentrism
Jake’s father is taking him to the barber for his first haircut. At first, jake is excited, but as soon as the barber cuts the first hair, he becomes upset and tells his father to make the barber stop. In spite of his father’s efforts to assure jake his hair will grow back, jake is exhibiting the concept of:irreversibility
4 yr olf Jon is sitting at the lunch counter next to his sister Erin. Mom cuts Jon’s hotdog into 5 pieces and Erin’s into 6. “Erin has more than me!” Which ability does Jon not demonstrate yet?conservation
Vygotsky’s theory includes the idea of:young children as “apprentices in thinking”
Example of scaffolding?Miriam helps her son Ben make cookies. She measures all of the ingredients out and places them on the counter in small bowls. She reads the recipe aloud as Ben mixes it all together
Preschoolers have a tendency to try to make up a reason why things they see and hear occur. This tendency is known as:theory-theory
which of the following seems to be the main contributing factor that determines whether or not children will pass the tasks to test theory of mind?neurological maturation
because of “fast-mapping”, a preschooler:learns some words after a single exposure to them
“I catched two mices in a trap” is an example ofoverregularization
According to Vygotsky, which capability is demonstrated when young children imitate adult actions that are irrelevant, time-consuming, and inefficient?overimitation
Preoperational intelligence differs from sensorimotor intelligence in that:it allows children to think symbolically
Aaliyah lies in her bed at night talking out loud about her day as if she’s talking to another person. What should her parents conclude?she’s engaging in private speech and it’s completely normal
Example of egocentric behavior according to Piaget?Julie is lying on the living room floor coloring while her mom is making dinner in the kitchen. Julie asks her mom “What color should I paint this?” while pointing at the flower in her coloring book
Whereas Piaget saw cognitive development as a result of individual discovery, Vygotsky attributed it to:social activities guided by others
a teacher who carefully plans each child’s participation in the learning process is:scaffolding
which child will probably learn to count to 30 first?Bik, who speaks Chinese
humans seek reasons, causes, and underlying principles to explain the world around them. This is calledtheory-theory
Kaitlyn, age 4, visited the zoo, pointed to a zebra and said, “Look at the horse with stripes!” She usedlogical extension
by the age of 2, a child will typically have a vocab of 500 words; by 6, they will typically have a vocab of ______ words10,000
Demetrius’s family immigrated to the US from Ukraine. After he attended kindergarten, his parents noticed his English was more fluent than his native language. He was demonstrating:a language shift
Erickson’s stage that occurs between 3 and 6 years is calledinitiative vs. guilt
Gavin, a 4 yr old, hit his mother when she asked him to clean his room. Gavin is still struggling withmanaging his externalizing feelings
billy and Rodney are both building with legos but they are sitting apart. What type of play is this?parallel play
the four dimensions of parenting style are warmth, discipline, communication andexpectations for maturity
children who lack self-control are most likely to have parents who arepermissive
sara, age 3, seeing a little boy fall and hurt himself, gets a look of concern on her face. she is probably experiencingempathy
in the us, most young children spend more than how many hours per day watching tv or using electronic media?more than three
3 girls start a rumor that 7 yr heather is a bed-wetter who still uses a pacifier. they are demonstratingrelational aggression
according to the text, neurological and hormonal effects may make boys more vulnerable to _______ and girls more vulnerable to _______ problemsexternalizing; internalizing
the presence of imaginary friends positively correlates with an increase ininitiative
an angry 5 yr old might stop herself from hitting another child because she has developedemotional regulation
______ is generally considered a more mature emotion than ____ because the former one comes from within the individual and demonstrates self-awarenessguilt; shame
Gilbert is an impulsive child. which is important if he is to develop healthy emotional regulation?nurturing caregivers
an alternative to physical punishment that involves the parent talking to the child and helping the child to understand what he or she did wrong isinduction
jill frequently plays the piano whenever her family has guests bc she likes the praise and attention she receives. When alone, however, she rarely plays. jill’s motivation to play piano:is mostly extrinsic
young kids usually prefer to play withkids of their own sex
when would a time-out be an effective discipline strategy?if the child prefers to be with other people
Diana baumrind is known for her work onstyles of parenting
one of the most important ways that children learn to control their aggression is throughplay
the age group that experiences the most physical punishment is children between the ages of2-6 yrs