The Progressive Movement Drew Its Strength From

Chapter 18 the progressive era

The triangle shirt waist fireBrought in its wake increase union organizing among New York city garment workers and much-needed safety legislation.
The word progressivism came into common use around 1910As a way of describing abroad loosely defined political movement of individuals and groups
Progressive movement drew its strength fromMiddle-class reformers
During the progressive eraCommercial farming grew
The painters who were part of the ashcan school focused their art onCity life
During the progressive eraUrban development highlighted social inequalities
Newspaper and magazine writers, who exposed the ells of industrial and urban life, fueling the progressive movement, were known asMuckrakers
MuckrakersExpose the problems of industrial and urban life
All of the following people were muckrakers exceptSamuel Gompers
The writer whose work encourage the passage of the meat inspection act wasUpton Sinclair with his novel the jungle
During the progressive eraNew immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe reached its peak
Progressive era immigration was part of a larger process of worldwide migration set in motion by all of the following forces exceptThe annexation of the Philippines
Which was the Ellis island of the westAngel Island
In the early 20th century angel island in San Francisco Bay became known as the Ellis island of the west and served as the main entry point for immigrants fromJapan
Asian and Mexican immigrants in the early 20th centuryClustered in the west as agricultural workers in California
Birds of passage wereImmigrants who planned on returning to their homeland
Most new immigrants who arrived during the early years of the 20th centuryLived in close knit communities
Which institution became a pillar of stability for the emigrants as they settled into the communities in American citiesChurch
All of the following statements about mass consumption in the early 20th century are true exceptSoutherners fully participated in the mass consumption society
Vaudeville is aForm of entertainment
Nickelodeon’sWhere motion picture theaters with a five cent admission charge
During the progressive eraGrowing numbers of nativeborn white women work in offices
Charlotte Perkins Gilman claimed that the road to women’s freedom leaf throughWork place
The term fordismDescribes an economic system based on mass production and mass consumption
The new concepts of a living wage in the American standard of livingAllowed for criticism of the any qualities of wealth and power
The program that sought to streamline production and boost profits by systematically controlling costs and work practices was calledScientific management
Scientific managementWas pioneered by Frederick W Taylor
A worker who crossed a picket line during a strike was called ascab
Which person was a supreme court justice and a progressive reformers who advocated for the labor movementLouis Brandeis
In the early 20th century the Socialist party advocated for all of the following exceptNational health insurance
By 1912 the Socialist partyHad elected scores of local officials
Eugene V Debs wasA socialist candidate for president
Which statement about the American Federation of labor in the early 20th century is falseThe AFL established pension plans for long-term workers
The industrial workers of the worldAdvocated a workers revolution
Which statement about the textile strike in Lawrence Massachusetts in 1912 is falseThe strikers asked the American Federation of labor for assistant
The 1912 strike in Lawrence MassachusettsIs also known as the bread and roses strike
The Ludlow massacre was a tragic confrontation betweenColorado mine workers and militia
The battle for free speech among workers in the early 20th centuryWas led by the industrial workers of the world
FeminismSought to attack the traditional roles of sexual behavior for women
Margaret Sanger was aBirth control advocate
What progressive era issue became a crossroads where the paths of labor radicals cultural modernist and feminists intersectedWomen’s suffrage
Founder of the society of American Indians, Carlos MontezumaDemanded that American Indians be left alone in order to be independent
Which of the following is not a characteristic of progressive reformersProgressives pursued radical alternatives to capitalism
Which of the following social groups was not heavily involved in the progressive movementWhite protestants
All of the following statements about urban progressives are true. ExceptThey worked with political machines
Progressive governor of Wisconsin, Robert La Follette, instituted all of the following reforms exceptUsing political bosses two staff his administration
Electoral reform during the progressive eraActually limited many Americans right to vote
All of the following measures expanded democracy during the progressive era exceptLiteracy tests and residency requirements
Jane AddamsAdvocated for the working poor
All of the following statements about Jane Addams and whole house are true exceptAdams believed that reformers needed to aid the poor from afar
After 1900 the campaign for women suffrageIncluded both middle and working-class women
A cause not widely championed by Progressives wascivil rights for blacks
In Muller V Oregon the Supreme CourtArgued that women were too weak to work long hours
Maternalist reformWas supported by both feminists and more traditional woman
The progressive presidents wereTheodore Roosevelt William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson
Who used the Sherman antitrust act to dissolve J.P. Morgan’s Northern securities companyTheodore Roosevelt
President Theodore RooseveltHelped striking coal miners to negotiate a favorable settlement with their employers
As a progressive President Theodore RooseveltSupported the conservation movement
To create national parks like Yellowstone Yosemite and glacier the federal governmentRemoved Indians who hunted and fished on these lands
16th amendmentAuthor rise to Congress to implement a graduated income tax
Who was not a candidate in the 1912 presidential electionWilliam Jennings Bryan
In 1912 new freedomWas Woodrow Wilson’s campaign pledge that government should bring new economic competition with less government intervention
The main difference between new nationalism and new freedom was overRegulating versus trust busting