The Survival Of Any Language Relies On

Chapter 5 AP Human Geography

A group of languages that share a common origin but have since evolved into individual langues is alanguage family
Both the Angles and the Normans contributed to the development of the English language, because theyinvaded England
Russian is part of what language branchBalto-Slavic
According to Colin Renfrew’s research, indo European languages diffused across Europewith the diffusion of agriculture
Which of the following is not a Romance LanguageBulgarian
The geographic study of the distribution of languages provides a good example ofthe interplay between globalization and local diversity
Franglais isthe use of English in the French language
The language family encompassing the languages of the peoples republic of China isSino-Tibetan
The foremost frequently spoken branches of indo European include all butCeltic
An isogloss isa boundary between language regions
A creolized language isa mix of indigenous and colonial languages
The two most important languages in South America arePortuguese and Spanish
The survival of any language relies onthe political and military strength of its speakers
The Kurganswere headers from the steppes of Central Asia
The language spoken by soldiers stationed throughout the Roman empire was known asvulgar latin
a pidgin languagehas no native speakers
tHE FIRST SPEAKERS OF THE LANGUAGE THAT EVOLVED INTO eNGLISH were tribes that lived in present-dayDenmark
English is part of which language familyIndo-European
A literary tradition isthe written form of a language
Dialects developed in England primarily becausedifferent germanic invaders settled in different regions
A lingua franca isa language understood by people who have different native languages
Basque is a good example of anisolated language
The two largest language families in the world areSino-Tibetan and Indo-European
The most important language family in Sub-Saharan Africa isNiger-Congo
When languages are depicted as leaves on trees, the trunks of the trees representlanguage families
Every European country is dominated by Indo European speakers exceptFinland Hungary and Estonia
The main difference between languages in the same family, branch, or group is howrecently in time the languages were once the same
According to the maps and diagrams in this chapter, England was invaded by tribes fromGermanic-speaking areas
A group of languages that share a common ancestor before recorded history is alanguage root
British and American English differ in all but which of the followingalphabet