The Touring Of Star Athletes And Teams To Promote The Popularity Of A Particular Sport Were

CHapter 13 Intro To sports management final (Gipson)

A more professional focus of running events started to take place during the late 1800s. The catalyst for such a professional focus emphasis occurred due toA desire to increase profits
The touring of star athletes and teams to promote the popularity of a particular sport wereBarnstorming tours
A sport management/marketing agency is defined as a businessFull service agency
IMG was founded 1960 byMark McCormack
IMG was originally formed toLocate endorsements for professional athletes
The function of client marketing involvesDeveloping entertainment extensions, locating endorsements, and booking personal appearances
The growth in televised sports has led toCompetition between TV networks
When and how is market research used?When companies gather information about a person to target a specific individual
The formation within major corporations of separate departments or divisions dealing with event management is calledIn-house agency
When a sport management/marketing agency limits either the scope of services performed or the type of clients serviced, it is known asSpecialized agency
Redmandarin is known asAn example of a specialized agency
IMG is known asA full service agency
Zero-base budgeting requiresReview of all costs and activities
A common tool used by events to reduce the potential for a law suit isWaiver and release of liability
Numerous event organizers purchase insurance that can coverA variety of insurance policies
Sport events typically seek advertising of their event throughTrade-out sponsorship’s with media outlets
Hospitality is important to event as it canProvide a satisfying experience
What other channel can sports organizations and governing bodies use to access consumers other than TV and radio?Social Media
The sale of licensed merchandise is beneficial for the event promoter for what type of eventAdvertising or showing the brand name off
Fund-raising as a marketing tool is usually used and appropriate for what types of events?Not for profit
Providing a satisfying experience for all stakeholders of an event is calledHospitality
What are some roles or services that sport management/marketing agencies’ provide?Client representation/ marketing, event development, television exposure, and sponsor solicitation
Identify the nine areas in which event marketers must focus1. Sales of corporate sponsorship
2. Advertising efforts
3. Public relations activities
4. Hospitality
5. Ticket Sales
6. Broadcasting
7. Website Development and Management
8. Licensing/ Merchandising
9. Fundraising