Truck Farm Ap Human Geography

AP Human Geography Chapter 10- Agriculture

What problem is shared by both MDC and LDC farmers?cost of crops
What is the most common form of agriculture practiced globally?mixed crop and livestock
How are commercial and subsistence agriculture different (much info on this one) ?Commercial agriculture is producing food for sale and subsistence agriculture is for the farmer himself
What is double cropping?planting and harvesting a crop on a field more than once a year
Why has ranching declined in the American Southwest?the fencing off of lands for farming
Describe pastoral nomads.a form of subsistence agriculture based on herding domesticated animals
What do pastoral nomadism and ranching have in common?they move animals to graze openly
How do LDC and MDC farms differ in terms of yields and income?MDC’s have much higher yields and income on smaller amounts of land used where as LDC’s have lower yields.
What are the factors in the choice of drug crop production in LDCs?crops that can be converted to drugs
What is the most common type of agriculture practiced in the world?mixed crop and livestock agriculture
Define truck farming.they are highly efficient large scale operations that take full advantage of machines
What are some forms and examples of shifting agriculture?it is a form of subsistence agriculture slash and burn agriculture which is land cleared by burning and slashing to create a plot of farmland rotation letting a field lay fallow for years
Where was the 1st example of domesticated crops and animals?South West Asia cattle goats pigs and sheep
How does the sale of crops benefit LDCs?it helps to increase the total agricultural production
Where are the originations of seed agriculture in the Eastern Hemisphere?Western India Southwest Asia Northern China Ethiopia Southern Mexico Northern Peru
What is a swidden?where the land is burnt then cleared to create a plot of new farmland
Where is shifting agriculture most commonly practiced (be specific)?Africa Amazon River Basin South America
Where are some specifics of shifting agriculture climate locations?often found in the tropical zones especially rain forests
According to the Von Thunen model what is found in the 2nd ring and why?forestry cost of transport heavy
Why does one see “wet-rice dominant” agriculture in China?because China is highly populated they can work on a small parcel of land and produce lots
What is a sawah?a flooded field
What is a milk shed? Where can they be found? Why?the run surrounding a city from which milk can be supplied without spoiling
What are the types of agriculture practiced in LDCs?pastoral nomadism shifting cultivation subsistence intensive subsistence agriculture
What push/pull factor has led to a decline in the number of farmers?economic – economy of scale
What is the primary type of agriculture in Asia? (multiple answers)intensive subsistence agriculture
What technological advances that have aided MDC farms?GPS fertilizers pesticides GMCs rail trucks
What type of agriculture is most common in Europe?crop rotation? Mediterranean agriculture?
What is transhumance?Seasonal migration of livestock between mountains
How is vegetative planting different seed agriculture?vegetative planting is a process of cutting off a stem of another plant and seed agriculture is through seeds not the actual plant
What are some characteristics of hunting/gathering societies?groups of less than 50 people
gender division of tasks
less than 250,000 of world are hunter gatherers
Where is agriculture unique in regions throughout the world?In areas where only one type of agriculture is suitable
What makes PRIME farmland PRIME?soil quality
What are the principle elements of sustainable agriculture?agricultural practices that preserve and enhance environmental quality
What are common strategies for increasing food supply? 4expand the land area used for agriculture
increase the productivity of land now used for agriculture
identify new food sources
increase exports from other countries
Define desertification.the loss of habitable land to the expansion of deserts
What are characteristics of wet rice dominant agriculture?mostly in river valleys and deltas or in flat terraced fields
What is the predominant type of agriculture found in Southeast US?Truck farming (Horticulture)
What are the reason and history of crop rotation?farm split into fields, and each field planted on a planned cycle, often several years
started in Northern Europe as a two field
3 field system 8th century
4 field system NW Europe
What was the green revolution?the invention and rapid diffusion of more productive agricultural techniques during the 70s and 80s
What are characteristics of winter wheat?planted in fall harvested in summer Kansas Colorado Oklahoma
What are characteristics of Asian agriculture?good example of intensive subsistence of agriculture…wet rice
How has urban sprawl affected farming?It has bot polluted and taken away land from farming
What is the problem of plantation agriculture in LDCs?mostly in LDCs, worked by people in LDCs, but owned and sold in MDCs
D. Whittlesey regional divisions of agriculture.he identified 11 main agricultural regions plus an area where agriculture was nonexistent
What are the all the hearth sites? Crops? Times.South West Asia barley and wheat 10,000 years ago
East Asia rice 10,000
Central Africa sorghum/yams 8,000
Latin America beans cotton potato 4,000 to 5,000
What is the crop of the Mediterranean region?tree crops and horticulture
olives grapes fruits vegetables
Explain processors…
What are horticulture crops?the growing of fruits, vegetables, and flowers
Explain slash and burn agriculture.clearing land by cutting vegetation and burning debris
The mobility of hunter/gatherers depended on what?based on where food is
What are common features of Mediterranean agriculture? (worldwide)lands that border the mediterranean sea and other places where sea winds provide moisture and are moderate in the winter, and summers are hot and dry land is hilly and mountainous
What are some characteristics of Spring wheat production?Planted in the spring harvested in summer Dakotas Montana
What is the key crop in US mixed crop and livestock agriculture?corn, and other cereal grains
Define ridge tillage.planting crops on ridge tops that are left over from the harvest
What are 6 areas facing severe desertification?Africa central Australia southwestern parts of Africa Asia North America South America
Define crop.Any plant cultivated by people
Know all about the Von Thunen model.crops and animals dependent on market location