What Is Essay Mill?

what is essay mill

Essay Mill – What Is It?

Essay Mill is a form of business that provides writing services to students. Companies in this industry permit students to request for plagiarism-free pieces of writing on a specific topic so that they can submit them to their lecturers for grades.

Students specify the subject matter, the word count and deadline after which the essay mill companies prepare a paper that suits the specifications, and charge a fee per page for the completed work.

Essay mill organizations also give the student the option of buying pre-written papers. Companies that operate in this manner are called Essay banks, and their services are cheaper compared to Essay Mill. There is, however, a high risk of buying plagiarized work. Essay mill and Essay Bank businesses are currently facing certain legal limitations in different countries.

Are Essay Mill Companies Legal?

The question as to whether Essay Mill organizations are legal is a controversial issue. The companies argue that the work that they provide to learners is meant to help them come up with original ideas on their work, and not for submitting to their instructors for marking.

On the other hand, College lecturers argue that Essay Mill companies are illegal and unethical and something should be done to bring their business to an end. Some colleges have started implementing measures that they hope will help them know students who are using the services from these companies.

The truth is that Essay Mill companies and learners who use their services do not infringe copyright legislation. The organizations are the legal owners of the papers, and they allow students to access them for limited use.  The companies have the right to sue the student in case of unpermitted redistribution of documents to other learners.

Thus, there is limited ground on which colleges can use to compel the companies to close down legally, and this leaves them with only one option: to use plagiarism detection software. This method, however, is not very useful as Essay Mill companies, as well as the students, have creative ways of circumventing it.

Is It Safe to Order Your Essay from Essay Mill Website?

The safety depends on the company from which you are buying papers. Some companies will promise to deliver an essay after a few hours, but they will never deliver on that promise. They block you from their site as soon as you pay them for the service. Some will even send you plagiarized papers. If you as a student are not careful, you will end up submitting a plagiarized paper, and you know what will follow.

Other companies are reputable, and they always deliver whatever they have promised. They also provide original papers written from scratch. Some will even refund you your money if you are not happy with the work that they have done.

There is also the issue of security risks. Some websites do not have the necessary security features. Thus, they can easily expose you to hackers and identity thieves on the internet. Some fraudulent sites can also sell your credentials to a third party.

Another thing is that your lecturer can catch you based on your previous performance. Most websites offer excellent pieces as they engage highly qualified writers in writing them. If you used to perform poorly and all of a sudden you start scoring high grades, your lecturer might doubt.

Also, if you are an international student and English is your second language, your lecturer may doubt you if you write in perfect English especially if you used to underperform.

How Essay Mill Websites Deal with Plagiarism

Essay Mill websites deal with four main types of plagiarism. The first one is direct plagiarism which involves copying another person’s work verbatim. The second one is self-plagiarism where a writer turns in his or her previous work for a current assignment.

The third type is mosaic plagiarism where you quote someone’s work without including the necessary quotation marks. The last one is accidental plagiarism where a writer forgets to cite sources or paraphrasing without attributing the work to the owner.

In dealing with plagiarism, the Essay Mill companies write their papers from scratch. They also make sure there is no copying and pasting of other people’s work. Additionally, they provide references and in-text citations for all sources that they use in preparing their work. Lastly, the websites run the written work through popular plagiarism detection software to get rid of any form of plagiarism.

Is It Expensive to Order Your Essay from Essay Mill Websites?

The price that you pay relies on the terms of the website that you decide to use. Essay Mill companies charge varying rates for their writing services. Some are cheap while others charge an excessive amount of money for essays and other forms of writing. The companies generally use the same approach in setting the prices.

Essay Mill websites charge a specific amount of money per page. A page usually is 250 to 300 words for a double-spaced piece of writing and 500 to 600 words for a single-spaced essay. Apart from the word count, several other factors determine the prices of the written work.

One of the factors is the complexity of the paper.  The companies charge high prices for technical subjects such as Engineering, medicine and the like. The second one is the quality level. Some writing websites group the papers into standard and premium qualities. Premium work is more expensive than pieces of lower quality.

Another thing that determines the price is the time provided to complete the paper. Short deadlines attract high prices. Likewise, the charges are lower for more extended timeframes. Some companies also offer bonuses for the first time and loyal customers.

Essay Mill Websites on the Internet

Essay Mill business is highly contentious. Many people, especially college lecturers say that it is unethical as it promotes contract cheating. For this reason, colleges in the UK and other places have called for the crackdown of the companies to end or at least reduce cases of academic cheating among students.

Essay Mill Companies, however, are aware that currently there are no laws that one can use to compel them to end their business. They, therefore, continue to offer custom writing services to students. Nevertheless, due to the controversial nature of Essay Mill business, the companies are not able to openly market their services in sensitive places such as news platforms that can help them widen their customer base.

As the Essay Mill companies are determined to grow their business, they devise creative ways to take advantage of these platforms. For instance, the companies can write articles that do not openly market their services but raise the curiosity of the students.  For this reason, I firmly believe the two items – “I  paid someone online to write my essay for me, but would it fool my lecturer?”  By Dan Burns and “The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services” on the Huffington Post website are for promotional purposes, links are below:

  1. Huffington Post, (2017). The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services.  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/nancy-laws/the-shocking-truth-about-_5_b_7041934.html
  2. Burns, D. (2018). I  paid someone online to write my essay for me, but would it fool my lecturer? https://thetab.com/uk/2018/03/29/i-paid-someone-online-to-write-my-essay-for-me-but-did-it-fool-my-lecturer-63033

There is a high possibility that Essay Mill companies paid the authors of the two articles to write them on their behalf.

A careful analysis of the two articles shows that the authors are indirectly trying to market essay writing services. Their main aim may be to make the students know that such assistance is available so that they can try to research more about it. The author of “The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services” in some way tries to justify the Essay Mill Business possibly with the aim of changing public views towards the business.