What Matters To You And Why? (Essay Sample)

What Matters To You And Why?

The life of the 21-century person is excellent: the Internet connection to gain new experience and share own unique ideas, the flights all over the world and the ability to have a communication with different people every day. All these things seem as we have an ideal life full of happiness and pleasure. But the fact is that we use the social media more than live without them. We have become addicted to them – watching lots of photos and videos of other people, who we think are more successful then we are and making them the ideal pictures of the life. Usually, everything is alright with it, and it also motivates a lot to become a greater version of yourself. But for some people, it ruins the normal perception of reality, and here the problems with self-esteem appear. I think that the healthy self-esteem is the crucial thing in the life.

Anything in the world is not as powerful as the belief in own abilities. It gives you an opportunity to improve yourself and do not give up in the problem situations when you think that is no more chance to fix anything. The self-esteem is own feelings about the character and life. But people usually do not like themselves and struggle a lot with the low opinion about personal characteristics. They also could not handle critics and produce unhealthy images of their bodies and minds, which influence their overall mood and make them feel depressed and anxious. The realization that such type of behavior exists and I need to live and understand how to react and help others in this society is the first reason why self-esteem matters a lot.

I also believe that I need to create new things and improve what I have every single day of my life. To achieve something big, I need to have a power and a strength and use the full potential not only of myself but also from the resources which I have. I could not do that when I feel panic that I will not get to the dreamy destination because of my lack of knowledge or experience, of the other people’ thoughts and also of the not believing that I can do what I want to and like to do. Here is the second reason why this concept matters – the fear to not fully open to the world before my life ends.

These two reasons produce the great idea to teach others, especially children, to love themselves and have esteem for other people. I have created a group of volunteers which helps the young generation to believe in the good life and improve all things they do not like in own characteristics. Way more important, that such studies teach not only how to accept the inner and the outer world, but also how to communicate with others, no matter which background they have, in the way of esteem and respect.

In conclusion, the positive self-esteem is the power to run the world. It opens the eyes to the world full of happiness and achieving the goals what matters most for me, as a human being who wants to have a worthy existence.


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